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Bar Dog is a Berlin based songwriter, singer and composer.

Characteristic feautures of his musical expression are his powerful deep voice, his soulful delivery and uncompromising storytelling .

In 2019 he released his positively reviewed debut album "Winds and Home". A relentless 12-track tour de force that established him as a leading voice amongst the cadre of songwriters currently rising from the Berlin underground.

Bar Dog is now releasing his long-awaited follow-up "River" in spring 2022. The first single will be released this fall (Further single releases and music videos will follow).
The album was produced and recorded by Cameron Laing at the "Famous Gold Watch Studios" in Berlin. It was Co-produced by Gideon Carmel.

"River" is an album about life and the wrong turns one can take. It is a journey into the human soul with songs about friendship, love, death, faith and hope. 

The record will be released digitally and as a limited vinyl edition.

Furiously performed with his excellent band, Bar Dog takes us on a real rollercoaster ride of emotions. 

 Dead Dog 2
 Don't Follow Me
BD, organic -7
BD, organic -23
BD, organic -27
BD, organic -49
 The Marauder
 Dead Dog Blues 1
BD, organic -5
 For Old Times' Sake
 Dead Dog 3
BD, organic -24
BD, organic -2
BD, organic -11



Don't Fall From Grace

For Old Times' Sake

Don't Follow Me

LP - Winds and Home

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